Correspondence with Constable Louise Colban (no responses were received)

There are five pages here. Click in the lower left-hand corner of each page for the next one. These emails show that I was proactive in reaching out to Constable Colban once I learned that she was investigating me based on frivolous allegations from Earl de Blonville. It is clear that the Constable was conned… by Earl.. into doing his bidding. Earl wanted taken down so that when he applied to be an adjunct at Southern Cross University, later in 2017, he would not appear in any Google searches to vet Earl’s application. All that the SCU administration found was either Earl’s own self-serving websites or ancient interviews where Earl was at his fabulist conman’s best.

It is of note that the Sergeant I spoke with (referenced in these emails) to ask if Colban’s use of her authority to intimidate Nearly Free Speech into removing was Detective Peter Rains. Rains is the person that Earl later explicitly names as the police officer who directly asked Google to block search results, again, using his police authority in a corrupt and improper manner.


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