How This All Began…

Once upon a time, (June of 2013 to be exact) Earl de Blonville (self-described as ‘Australia’s preeminent Arctic Explorer’ and a ‘global leadership expert’) wrote a glowing “endorsement” on LinkedIn about another self-described explorer, Englishman Ripley Davenport. The endorsement is Earl in a nutshell; Pure fantasy served in a grandiose “word salad” dressed with oozing self-importance. Earl has never met Ripley. Ripley made up his story about being an explorer (and Earl swallowed it, hook, line and sinker) just like Earl made up the endorsement.

Two journalists from Denmark and I were working on an article about Davenport which exposes him as a fraud. (English translation here). This story begins with my email asking Earl how he came to write the endorsement. His response was also Earl in a nutshell; wrap yourself more tightly in your own narcissism and attack, threaten, ignore.

First Contact with Earl