Earl de Blonville: A Legend and a Victim..In His Own Dreams

This website is an Internet cyber-highway billboard. It’s meant to catch the eye of anyone with direct knowledge of Earl de Blonville’s career.

Created in 2013, the site continues to attract varied sources on Earl de Blonville’s professional history from his youth to the current day. It is part of a journalism project about self-declared “explorers” who promote themselves with the implied veracity of the internet. Earl is not cooperating with the project and refuses to answer the most basic questions about inconsistencies, exaggerations and outright falsehoods that populate his career and his much-trumpeted, carefully crafted professional myth.

Earl has a very high opinion of himself and spends a lot of time crafting his public image. Click here to see how Earl de Blonville sells himself and wants you to see him. There used to be an image of Earl right here, an image he doesn’t want the public to see. (Only heroic images need apply it seems). It was published, with the photographer’s permission, to illustrate reporting that sheds a different light on Earl’s claims of personal and professional achievement. Read on.

Earl’s concerns about public viewing of his intimate undergarments and his cry for help to the Australian Government, begs the question of just where the ESafety Commisioner draws the line. Here’s the relevant quote: “An intimate image is one that shows a person’s genital area or anal area (whether bare or covered by underwear)”. So, shoutout to the ESafety Commissioner.. according to your criteria, is this next photograph acceptable?

“Intimate images” of celebrities are regularly printed by paparazzi without permission (and distributed far more widely than this modest website). Earl de Blonville has sought celebrity for decades through aggressive self-promotion, describing himself in superlative terms of social, academic, and historic importance his entire career. At what point does he qualify as a celebrity or “public figure” for whom the rules regarding public commentary and imagery differ?


Of necessity, it has also morphed into a repository of information addressing Earl de Blonville’s tired claim to being a victim of cyberstalking by yours truly. I have operated under my own name, never threatened Earl or anyone else and I have been entirely transparent about my purpose and willingness to engage.  I have successfully collaborated with journalists at Denmark’s Politken and Fyns Amts Avis newspapers. Those collaborations drew extensively on my web-based research and resulted in exposes of Ripley and Laura Davenport and Earl de Blonville and Oceanic Research Institute. Earl’s response throughout has been puerile name-calling, speculation about my character, mental health, sexual preferences, and a complete refusal to answer basic questions about his dubious professional claims. Earl has created and published a number of anonymous websites attacking me, full of feverish balderdash and childish lies. I have, as anyone would, pushed back against these ad hominem attacks. If you are one of the people who Earl has exhorted to ignore me as a mentally ill troll, troubled “Aspy” and “closet queer”, cuckold and psychopath I encourage you to a: read the material and b: think for yourself. 

If you have questions of me or wish to share information about Earl de Blonville or the Oceanic Research Institute, leave a comment or contact me, Kent Madin at:  rett139@yahoo.com   +1-406-595-2310