Why this website?

I recognize that this website, incorporating Earl de Blonville’s name, may raise some eyebrows initially. Here’s why the website is both appropriate and effective.

Mr. de Blonville and others have used the cheap, easy method of building personal websites for their business without any constraint in terms of fact-checking or editing for accuracy or truth. As with any “self-published” book their website can say anything they want about themselves and reach an infinite number of viewers while looking respectable in the process. This is an extraordinary and game-changing aspect of the internet, that ANYONE can make a website and say ANYTHING. When that capability is used to tell a deceptive or fraudulent story, what is the counterbalancing mechanism that keeps falsehood in check? 

I submit that a website like this is one such mechanism. What are the constraints on such a website? First, it better be accurate, with reproducible facts and attributions or it is subject to libel laws and civil legal action.  Earl claims it is illegal to use someone’s name in a URL without their permission IF THERE IS A COMMERCIAL ELEMENT TO THE USE. That is not the case here. The truth is somewhat more complicated. But I would note that this website is earldeblonville.net with only one “e” in Earl and Earl currently is going by Earle de Blonville (extra e). If your name is Donald Trump, try telling the owner of DonaldTrump.com that he is breaking the law. Or if Earl changed his name (again) to something like EdwardJones, could he demand that brokerage change their URL?

A website like this is the 21st century digital version of a display ad in a newspaper or an appeal on a milk carton from earlier times. Just as the internet allows Mr. de Blonville to craft whatever statements he can muster to promote himself, this is a method of disseminating a different view, presenting facts and attracting new sources of information about Mr. de Blonville’s activities. 

Mr. de Blonville continues to forge ahead with a personal and business narrative rife with embellishment and half truths. He has an open invitation to directly address anything on this website he deems false or misconstrued but has chosen not to do so. Instead, in an echo of Donald Trump, he claims it’s all fabrication, fake news, outrageous lies and he is a victim.

Mr. de Blonville’s zombie canard about me being a cyberstalker has created an additional purpose to this site; to answer, with facts, the absurd charge. His personal attacks on me disparaging my age, my marriage, my career, my sexuality, health, mental state, etc. are best encapsulated in the website, Kentmadincyberstalker.com of which de Blonville is the author. This website allows me to document not only de Blonville’s inflated professional claims but to counter his efforts to discredit my reporting with ad hominem attacks.

One of Earl’s creepiest obsessions is the persistent delusion that he is a homoerotic magnet. He has repeatedly claimed, without a shred of evidence, that my interest in this story stems from long-distance lust for Earl. How does one answer something as transparently absurd as that, given the voluminous documentation of our exchanges, none of which have a hint of attraction in them? This notion about homoerotic attraction is something that Earl “plucked from his butt”, a cruder way of saying “made up from whole cloth”.

I am very happy to discuss the pros and cons of this emerging form of journalism with anyone who asks.