Exchange with Senior Sgt. Rhonda Brown, Victoria Police:

This exchange (and a transcript-ed 45 minute long phone call) document how the Victoria Police advised me that their investigation on the allegation of “cyberstalking” made by Earl de Blonville was closed and no action would be taken.

The key take aways from this exchange are:

  1. Sgt. Brown dodged the question of whether Colban’s demand to Nearly Free Speech, without a court order or notice (to me, the owner) was legal and whether it implicitly showed Colban had already decided I was guilty.
  2. Sgt. Brown, when asked why they had not bothered to interview me, the suspect, said “if the evidence doesn’t support interviewing the alleged criminal, then we don’t interview them”.
  3. I asked Sgt. Brown to find out if Colban had contacted any other internet pages or services to request blocking of as she had with Nearly Free Speech. The answer came back “No”.
  4. When I contacted Victoria Police FOI department requesting a copy of the investigation file, I was told it could not be released because it was classified, by Colban herself, as “unsolved” meaning the case was NOT closed.
  5. In my view, Colban acted unprofessionally and naively, convinced by de Blonville to use her authority to accomplish what de Blonville wanted, the erasure of Having been caught in the act, Colban (and later Brown) sought to cover up the mistakes rather than acknowledge them.

Read this email string from bottom to top for correct chronology.