The Pathetic Story of the ORI “fleet”

July 2021: The Danish newspaper Fyns Amts Avis published five separate articles detailing the pathetic story of the Oceanic Research Institute “fleet”. COURAGE, Earl de Blonville’s ship is sunk and abandoned in Rudkobing and will be destroyed at the expense of Danish taxpayers. Earl has never paid a “red shrimp” in fees since 2013, according to the harbormaster. Earl now claims, laughably, that he sold the COURAGE “a long time ago” to a guy from Rostock, Germany. Earl can’t remember his name and “a long time ago” Earl forgot to inform the harbormaster. Earl has produced no bill of sale. As early as 2017 Earl knew that COURAGE was resting on the bottom. As late as the end of 2019 Earl was still seeking donations to “upgrade” the fleet.

According to the private shipyard in Svendborg where the La Boheme is moldering, nothing has been paid in mooring fees or repairs completed since 2013. The shipyard owner just wants the bills paid and the ship moved. Earl and Jennifer are simply shameless in repeatedly posting pictures of the La Boheme as part of their fundraising, pictures which falsely portrayed the ship in great condition. And they were asking specifically for donations to fix up their own, private, sailboats!

If you don’t read Danish and don’t want a subscription to FAA, contact me for English translations of the articles.