Retail Royalty: Viscount of Saxmundham

Earl de Blonville has declared himself “Viscount de Blonville of Saxmundham”. He even printed up calling cards!

Whether this is the ultimate expression of oblivious narcissism or a desperate cry for relevancy I will leave to the reader to decide. But Earl’s “title” can be purchased from one of several companies in England that specialize in issuing these fake claims to upper-classness. And obviously, they are the perfect expression of a lack of any personal class.

These companies literally let you pick any place name… so you could be the Viscount of Labradoodle or the Viscount of Bloviation. Then, with a wee bit of the $1800USD fee you pay them, they register a plot of land 8 inches square… yep.. 64 square inches of land under the name of Labradoodle or Bloviation or Justplainpathetic and presto… you are the “Viscount of Justplainpathetic” with all the attendant imagined honors.

Here’s my email exchange with just one such company, Elite Titles (Read from bottom up for proper chronology):


But don’t take my word for it. You can read (captured from his personal page, in 2010) about Earl’s sad efforts at climbing the social ladder right here.