Prescott College diploma, Mongolian Honorary Consul, and anonymous websites

August 2020: Earl has yet ANOTHER anonymous website at to spew his bile. is more childish ranting and includes a claim that Prescott College doesn’t exist and I didn’t graduate with a degree in 1975. Ripley and Laura Davenport are also posting the same bile here. Also, I am lying about being the Honorary Consul of Mongolia. Earl should work in the Trump campaign. He has the requisite skill of completely tuning out reality even when it bites him on the ass.

Laura Davenport wrote to Prescott College asking if my degree was real and valid. The answer was a clear, unequivocal YES. Earl got a copy of the confirmation email. So did Jennifer Gidley and Earl’s lawyers. But still, he persists. The new scandal Earl has breathlessly unearthed is how I “exploited Mongolia”. I served as HonCon for 13 years and as the attached note from the Foreign Affairs department shows, left the position in September of 2019. The scandal? That I didn’t immediately change every reference to being HonCon on my resume and social media on September 8, 2019. Oh, the horror!