Earl Without the ‘e’

Earl de Blonville was born Earle Robert Bloomfield. He changed his name to Earl de Blonville sometime in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s because he believes he is descended from French nobility. It appears that Earl, with one e, is still his legal name notwithstanding the fact that since 2016 or so he goes, again, by Earle. His website, email, etc. all have the added e. On legal documents related to Oceanic Research Institute, he is Earl. On his nametag in the image below and his registration for this conference, he is Earl. To have changed his name, legally, back to Earle would involve a lot of paperwork, new passport, drivers license, etc. Go figure.

One explanation for the bring back the second e is that it allowed Earl to rename his various websites with the extra e so that in Google searches, the websites Earl wants you to see appear first. This has been quite successful. A search on Earl’s name (Google Australia) produces two full pages of Earl-positive sites, and only on the third page (where nobody goes) do you find one of the earldeblonville.net pages listed.

But all this raises the technical question of whether Earle is using his non-legal name on official applications to the ATO, CSIRO, SCU, etc.

Users of DuckDuckGo as a search engine have no problem finding earldeblonville.net when they search either earle or earl. Earldeblonville.net is the second page listed.