Earl Erases Himself from the Internet

October, 2019 

Earl de Blonville has recently and proactively erased his professional history from the internet. 

Websites that Earl created to commercially promote himself and his various schemes over the last dozen years had previously been archived in the Wayback Machine (archive.org), providing insight into Earl’s professional evolution and the variety of professional activities he has pursued. The archived records included many claims about his status that were either disingenuous or flat false. Enter any of these website into archive.org and you will see them marked “excluded”. This is the term that indicates they were removed at the REQUEST OF THE OWNER. Only the legal owner of a site can request it be excluded. These websites: earldeblonville.com, arcticexplorer.com, arcticexplorer.net, 9sails.com, tallshipcarola.com, ursus.com.au are all gone/excluded.

Earl’s current personal website, earledeblonville.com (extra e) contains only two paragraphs of professional history condensed down from dozens of pages and six websites. 

The obvious question is “why”? If the information in those sites was accurate (and provided more granular detail about Earl’s endeavors) why would you go to the trouble of erasing it all from public view?

One possible answer is that now Earl can reconstruct his professional history with no pesky factual history to contradict him. He can make up anything he likes about his past endeavors. 

Archived copies of all the websites are available on request, just not on the Wayback Machine anymore.