Arctic Explorer or “Go North ye CEO’s of Oz”

These three, multi-page .pdfs tell the story of expeditions that never happened.

Click at the bottom of each page for additional pages.

If Earl de Blonville is true to form he will attempt to claim copyright infringement in regards to these .pdf files. This is tantamount to when Donald Trump fights to keep from releasing his tax records to the public. The documents were produced by Earl, they make a variety of claims which, when read in light of the rest of Earl’s various claims, paints a picture of Earl intentionally crafting his professional narrative and raises reasonable questions about how honestly he portrays himself and his experience.

This then, is the element of “transformation” of an image or a document that underlies the copyright doctrine of “fair use”.

This one has the 2011 price of 98,000.00 AUD per person.

A shorter version of the above. George Pappas is listed as one of Earl’s illustrious “adventurous friends”. Here’s Mr. Pappas’ comment on seeing the flyer: “First, I have to tell you that this is the first that I have heard of the event. I was unaware that my name had been used in the publicity for it. I have never met Earl de Bonville nor had ever heard of him until I read the attachment to your email. And as you might conclude I did not participate in the event at all.”


In 2016 de Blonville tried again to resurrect this zombie program.