Global Leadership and Cyberstalking Expert

Shot in a busy (and loud) Sydney coffee shop, this comically pretentious and amateurish video offers a crash course in Earl de Blonville. Terry Burgan ran a “speakers bureau” (now defunct) representing paid, motivational, inspirational speakers and Earl was briefly part of his stable of speaking studs. There is no evidence that Burgan ever got Earl a paying gig. In this video, Earl has apparently convinced Terry that money can be mutually made by marketing Earl as an expert speaker on the subject of cyberstalking. In essence, Earl’s pitch is that he has discovered the grave danger because he has been a victim of cyberstalking and now he has it all figured out and wants to save C-Suites across Australia from this plague on the corporate world.

Needless to say, Earl’s experience as a victim of cyberstalking is nonsense, just his own fevered fantasy. As multiple police agencies determined, neither Earl or anyone else was “cyberstalked” by me or anyone else.

An illustration of Earl’s paranoid delusion is that he actually contacted the FBI and claimed that by posting this video (sent to me by one of Earl’s very disillusioned ex-girlfriends) that I was making a death threat towards Earl. Seriously.. pop some popcorn and watch the video here:

The first minute of Earl’s pitch captures many signature elements of Earl’s style. There’s the hint of the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain bellowing like a God. Here we see and hear Earl periodically drowned out by the clatter of dishes and coffee shop Muzak, distractions that reflect Toto tugging on the curtain. Yet even in this haphazardly unprofessional environment, Earl doesn’t lose his somber tone, consistent with previewing the end of corporate life as we know it.

Then there’s Earl’s signature braggadocio and credibility by association. Of course, the motorbike/coffee shop is the coolest thing in Sydney and of course, Earl is pals with the owner (name drop) and of course, the owner is rich and famous (Mr. Mambo).

Then we have the classic self-deprecating Earl (NOT!). “So, who are you and what do you do?”, asks a rapt Terry Burgan… with a humble shrug, Earl explains “Well, look, I am generally regarded as a global leadership expert (partially drowned out by loud customer). After a bit of pretentious blather about “leadership” and “millennials” Earl gets to the cyberstalking and why he should be hired. Notice he never really explains what happened to him. That’s because nothing happened to him. He hoisted himself on his own petard.

And if you have the stomach for it… there’s more:

Earl claims that he has lost over half a million dollars from cyberstalking. He is counting programs that were fantasies of his, which never happened and never had a snowball’s chance of happening.