More Cyberbullying by Earl de Blonville

4/17/2020: Earl has added another jaw-droppingly bizarre 6 page missive at It seems Earl knows everything he knows about Montana from old Westerns. Of particular interest is the comparison of Montana to North Korea. Download the missive with annotations here:


4/13/2020: Earl created a fake account at in MY name with a picture of ME taken from my FB page. All in order to post a FAKE “public announcement” about me being a troll. How boneheadedly unbelievable is it that someone would post a document exposing THEMSELVES as a troll? This is a form of mental illness.


The websites of Earl’s various schemes over the years,,,, (Earl de Blonville’s ORIGINAL website) were all archived at (Wayback Machine). In late 2019 de Blonville went to the considerable trouble of demanding that destroy those records.

He has intentionally obliterated the online records of his own professional history, of which he is the sole author.