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This is the CV that Earl de Blonville prepared (June, 2011) for his application to the School of Graduate Research (SGR) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Earl is unhappy that this CV is here and annotated, but his objections only confirm that this is, in fact, his CV. The annotations reflect publicly available facts and interviews with third parties with direct knowledge of the claims. Earl has repeatedly been invited to comment on details of this CV or annotations that are inaccurate or incomplete and has declined to do so. This CV was downloaded from Earl’s public page at Academia.edu in compliance with that site’s terms and conditions. Earl posted this CV voluntarily, for public scrutiny. You can download the CV and read the full annotations in a .pdf reader here.

Earl was, in his own words, “kicked out of the Ph.d program at RMIT after questions were raised about the accuracy of this CV. Several important facts are conspicuously missing or incompletely portrayed, facts that would be found in an honest CV.

  1. Earl claims 4 years in High School but only attended for 1.5 years and did not graduate from Ballarat School.
  2. Several programs that are listed as examples of professional accomplishments are actually schemes that never went beyond a website.
  3. There is no mention of Earl’s previous enrollment, several years before, in a Ph.d program at an online diploma mill called Rushmore University. The theme of his study at Rushmore and RMIT are the same. Earl completed his “studies” but declined to pay his tuition so he did not graduate.
  4. One of Earl’s faculty advisers confirmed that Earl’s admission to the program, with no formal education credentials, was largely on the strength of his book, ‘Seventh Journey’. Earl does not mention that the publisher, Bear Books, is actually just Earl himself. Bear Books is just a name behind which Earl self-published Seventh Journey.
  5. Earl’s claim to having been President of “Devon Gaffers Association” is simply false. He was a regular member, never an officer.

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