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Earl is a prolific producer of carefully crafted, curated personal portraits for self-promotion on social media. Just a few examples.

Is there a critical mass that is definitive for clinical narcissism?

This is a photo of Tarnan taken long before Jennifer Gidley purchased her. “Oceanic Research Institute” and other bits have been photoshopped onto this image which ORI brazenly uses to solicit donations.
This is what the starboard side of Tarnan/La Boheme actually looks like in 2020.

These screen captures show how the ORI “fleet” was originally two ships, the La Boheme and the Courage. In February 2020, the Courage disappeared from the various ORI websites leaving only the La Boheme. (1st capture). Courage is seen in the subsequent two captures from 2019, promoted with a photograph that literally lies about her condition. Courage is a “wreck”, badly damaged in the bow and has been sitting at a dock in Denmark, un-maintained, since 2013. Courage is resting on the bottom at it’s mooring.