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Are you free to explore the leader you always believed you could be?
One week may be all it takes to change your leadership completely.

Jennifer M. Gidley PhD

Jennifer is one of the most advanced thinkers in the study and debate around paradigm shift in education and in society in general. - Marc Luyckx Ghisi, Forward Studies Unit, European Commission, Brussels. Read More...

Earl de Blonville FRGS

Earl is a great, but unsung, Australian hero: courageous, strong, confident, and with outstanding leadership qualifications. - Professor the Hon Barry O. Jones AO FAA Australian Minister for Science 1983-1990. Read More...

Maritime Campus

Our 'classroom' is one of the world's oldest wooden schooners, in continuous service for 100 years. At 34m/111' long, she has space for 16. Stable, comfortable, elegant, she graciously gives us the freedom of the seas. Read More...

Cruising Grounds

We cruise the magnificent coast of Brittany, western France, where the sea is warmed by the Gulf Stream, marine life abounds, the winds are ideal for sailing and the Breton cuisine is always delicious. Read More...

Strictly limited 7-day programs. Only 4 per year, only 6 places on each. Commences July 2014.
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