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Update: 2016/2017 Victoria Police cyberstalking investigation.

Click the cartoon for Earl de Blonville, Viscount of Saxmundham's CV which he submitted with his application to the School of Graduate Research (SGR) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and posted on

I'm an amateur investigative journalist. In researching for an article about self-made explorers I have gathered considerable background material regarding Earl de Blonville's career. Based on the information I have gathered from Earl, from public records and from voluntary interviews with friends, associates, family, employees, co-workers, clients, sponsors, employers, educational institutions, etc. (and in the absence of clarification of many questions by Earl) I can only conclude that Earl is at best a modern Walter Mitty and at worst a grifter and con man, potentially guilty of fraud (RMIT). If you would like access to the full material click here.

Why this website? Websites are cheap and powerful platforms for communication. Earl de Blonville and several other "explorers" all have exploited those qualities to promote themselves professionally. When that promotional effort includes fraud and intentional embellishment the same cheap and powerful website platform, like this one, is one way to present facts and point out the deceptions.

If you have factual information about Earl's professional activities or personal experience with Earl, feel free to contact me, Kent Madin, at

Earl de Blonville, victim of "Cyberstalking":

From Earl's own website, writing about himself in the third person: : "Earl de Blonville has faced death many times on Arctic expeditions, but nothing could have prepared him for the psychological stress and sense of vulnerability that Cyberstalking unexpectedly inflicted on him."

I, Kent Madin, am Earl's alleged "cyberstalker". His stress and sense of vulnerabilty results from the fact that I asked him to explain the background of an endorsement of Ripley Davenport he published on LinkedIn. At the time Earl made the endorsement, Davenport was already well documented as a fraud and "faux" explorer. As it turns out, the endorsement was based on no direct knowledge of Davenport, but rather on Earl's infatuation with his own prose. Rather than answer and set the record straight, Earl began a series of bizarre responses, a jumble of indignation, psychobabble, school yard name calling and threats of civil and criminal punishment. It's all very clearly documented in the email record and I am happy to speak with anyone who has questions on this subject. Earl's claim to being a victim of cyberstalking has been reviewed and definitively rejected by three different police authorities; the Bozeman, Montana police, the Melbourne, Victoria police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States.

Earl doesn't seem to understand what cyberstalking is and why his claiming to be a victim of same is preposterous. The elements that are necessary to constitute cyberstalking are electronic communications and credible threat of physical or emotional harm. In fact, the vast majority of cyberstalking also includes anonymity on the part of the stalker. And the vast majority are men stalking women with sexual and violent overtones. My research on Earl's career, reaching out first to him and then to those who know him, has always been transparently in my own name, declared as journalistic inquiry, has never contained any threat physical or otherwise and has never had any element of sex or violence.

Oddly, Earl's death-defying adventures don't translate into having the backbone to respond to requests for clarification of his many professional claims. Earl is an accomplished self-promoter, one would think he would be proud to elaborate upon his experience. Ironically, he has declared himself both a victim of cyberstalking and an instant expert on the subject. Earl even briefly tried to hire himself out to speak on the subject as this page shows. The page is from 2014 and flatly states that the cyberstalker was "brought to justice"! You can enjoy Earl's video pitch for speaking jobs yourself (large file!). While watching, keep in mind that Earl has never answered a single question relative to his professional claims or offered any clarification of glaring discrepancies in his CV.

May 20, 2016 UPDATE: Earl is now blogging on the subject of cyberstalking, veering into hyperbolic hysterics and away from any semblance of factual basis for his assertions. . (Note: this blog comes and goes, alternately erased, then resurrected, then "locked". If you find the blog "locked" contact me for archival copies.) Many readers who have personal experience with Earl will recognize the eerie similarity between the traits of a narcissistic cyberstalker and Earl himself. Earl's blog can be characterized as "shouting insults at a mirror".

June 25, 2016 UPDATE: On June 24, Earl posted an entry called "AK's vs Popguns". The post included a youtube video from my account (without permission) in which I described for a friend, the nature of a "spud gun", a homemade cannon firing chunks of potato propelled by hairspray. Apparently, the purpose of the post was to cleverly mock me as someone who wasn't allowed to buy a real gun (AK) and therefore had to build my own (Popgun). Go figure. So I annotated the video and less than 24 hours later, all of Earl's ramblings on the subject of cyberstalking, including the Ak post, were gone. Perhaps he's had a change of heart. Click on the AK's link to read the original post, click HERE to see the annotated video.

July 25, 2016 UPDATE: Earl has now created a second blog with special focus on his obsession with cyberstalkers: .

This is very odd since Earl is the primary author and owner of, (and mirror site a text book example of cyberstalking: anonymous, full of lurid, unsubstantiated libelous statements. Earl shares authorship of this content of the website with Ripley and Laura Davenport and Cuchullaine and Basha O'Reilly. But the design and the venom are all Earl's. (As of May 20, 2015 the host of has suspended the site but clicking above will take you to an archived version.) You can click this link to see the WHOIS listing naming Earl de Blonville as the owner of (although a basic WHOIS search shows the ownership anonymized). Both URL's are now for sale, but I invite anyone with access to a domaintools account to check for themselves. Search the Whois history for the URL's above and, in Domain History, you will see for yourself that the first purchase of these URLs was on Jan 12, 2014 by Earl de Blonville. The record shows that minutes later, Earl "anonymized" the record. This was an incredibly ham-handed effort to hide his ownership of the site. Both the Bozeman Police and the FBI office in Bozeman have reviewed the evidence of Earl's ownership of

In addition to Earl purchased and in July of 2013, six months prior to purchasing (and deploying) and See for yourself: here and here.

Perhaps this article explains Earl's condition:

Earl de Blonville's FAILED SCHEMES: "Teenage Climate Saviors to Greenland". Proposed in 2005 (when the URL was purchased) and never did anything but create a website and look for money. Has been "temporarily suspended" for a decade. Interviews with various people identified as "staff" indicate that nothing ever happened. This site used to be "Wealthy Captains of Industry in Need of Leadership Training to Greenland". This program has been renamed "Expedition Desperation Island" (and the irony of the title seems lost on Earl) It purports to be a scientific expedition focusing on climate change. No further information available since the entire website is a single image. Period. But, apparently the plan is that someone will give Earl lots of money and he will refit the two aging wooden sailboats he and his girlfriend own and turn them into arctic exploration vessels. This was a program using one of the above referenced aging sailboats. Earl convinced his girlfriend, who had little or no experience with sailing, to purchase the 'Tarnan' for use as a floating leadership training center featuring a diet of French cuisine and Earl's pearls of Postformal Leadership wisdom. The project was based on Earl's keen insight into the critical dearth of leadership training programs aimed at people who were already successful, wealthy captains of industry. Earl realized their critical and unserved need to listen to pseudo-academic gobbelydegook on the high seas from someone like Earl, drawing from his own extensive experience as a commercial and academic failure. Much like the programs referenced above, Earl took the liberty of annointing, on his websites, a number of prominent personalities as staff, scientific staff and adjunct faculty without their permission or in some cases knowledge. Here is a copy of the "crew" page from with comments on Earl's character from the professional sailors he hired, then stiffed.

Renovation of Tallship Carola: In January of 2013, Earl de Blonville "obtained" an 80 year old sailboat named Carola. The ship belonged to a youth sailing organization which taught traditional sailing techniques in Germany. I say "obtained" because the seller, a Mr. Matthias at Verein Jugendsegeln declines to discuss the terms of the sale. Other sources indicate that the ship was purchased for a very nominal amount, perhaps a single Euro, based on a: the rising cost of maintenance for the youth group of a very old wooden ship and b: Earl's assurances that he would completely refit and modernize the ship, thereby "saving" it as a treasured bit of sailing history. In the past four years Earl's "full restoration" of the Carola amounted to little more than renaming the vessel as Courage, while it sat, dismasted in harbor (rather than following the old advice of 'always sail a ship for a year before making changes') Earl has a propensity for renaming old sailboats which already have perfectly good, venerable names. Also in 2013, Earl talked his girlfriend into buying an even older, bigger sailboat, the Tarnan and renaming it "La Boheme". It is also for sale. The Grand de Blonville Fleet is yet another failed Grand Scheme. Click on the link at the beginning of the paragraph to see the sales pitch for Carola. Earl's asking price is ten thousand Euros.

The above Grand Schemes span the last decade. They are all failures, proven by the market for both investment and the market for ideas. Flat out, full stop. Failures. What is the consistent element that those failures all share? Earl de Blonville, the man himself. His vision, his entrepreneurial "chops", his inability to see that the greatest impediment to his realization of these schemes is his own inflated sense of his self-importance. In a nutshell, Earl believes his own bloviation.

UPDATE: After about six months of investigation into allegations of cyberstalking brought before the Bozeman Police Department by Laura Davenport and Basha O'Reilly, with the covert (and frankly, cowardly) support of Earl de Blonville, the City Attorney, Mr. Greg Sullivan ( finds that the allegations are baseless. (June 2015 Update) The local office of the FBI has now interviewed me and come to the same conclusion.

This January 2016 appeal of a gag-order for alleged "cyberstalking" is instructive. These were well funded, heavyweights in the entertainment business and after the best efforts of both sides lawyers, the gag-order was rescinded and for clear, logical reasons:

Although Earl carefully kept his name out of the specific allegations, he coordinated closely with Laura Davenport and the O'Reilly's, providing some of the most lurid and distasteful elements of the smear campaign. These included veiled allusions to sexual deviance and bestiality plus pseudo-scientific assertions that I am a psychopath. Earl also contributed over 45 of the 120 names on the "Master List" of victims of my cyberstalking. The vast majority of the people on the list had no idea they were being included. Sadly for the "legions of international victims" their efforts to have me arrested were categorically rejected by the authorities.

He won the hearts and minds of the Bozeman authorities with his suggestion the corrupt "old boy" network of Bozeman was protecting me.

First email exchange with Earl de Blonville, otherwise known as: "When Earl jumped the Shark".

Earl de Blonville's career at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Kent Madin rching the career of "charismatic" Earl de Blonville Bloomfield FRGS (nee Earle Bloomfield) for an article about modern day explorers and the business opportunities that flow from exploring. I became interested in Earl's story when researching another story



















































































































































































































































































about another professional "explorer" Ripley Davenport. That story is available here:

Earl was born Earle Robert Bloomfield in Australia. "My mother gave me away and quite frankly I couldn't’t have had a better start to life" is how Earl credits his mother's abandonment of him, to be raised by his grandfather in a home without running water. Sometime after 1996, when he discovered he was descended from French knights, he changed his last name to de Blonville. Then he discovered he was Viscount de Blonville of Saxmundham. While he no longer uses Viscount of Saxmundham in his title he did briefly include the name "Gilles" on his account. Recently he dusted off the original Bloomfield and tacked it on the end to form Earl de Blonville Bloomfield and of course, the Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society acronym, FRGS.

Earl de Blonville shares authorship honors for this website, a pretty entertaining read if you like tabloid newspapers.

Earl de Blonville recently requested that the domain registrar of this domain take this page down. The exchange of emails on the subject is available to read by clicking here.

What's that 'tm' symbol? Visitors to Earl de Blonville's personal website, will notice an abundance of 'tm' symbols and some official sounding statements at the bottom of each page claiming that various names and phrases on the website are "protected trademarks" (in spite of there being no records of those names actually being registered).

Classic quotes from Earl de Blonville Bloomfield FRGS, Viscount of Saxmundham:

On the 9sails leadership program: "Embarking on your voyage of Postformal Leadership represents a freedom to develop as a leader at your own pace within an enhanced consciousness of your own emergence." Earl de Blonville Bloomfield FRGS:

On his leadership role in the 1986 Greenland Expedition: "Leading this apparently doomed venture is a charismatic young man. But behind his urbane style lies an iron determination: to succeed whatever the odds, or costs, or die in the attempt. He has stipulated that should he be killed, he is to be buried on the shore and the group must continue." From: "Seventh Journey' (written by Earl de Blonville Bloomfield FRGS about the leader of the 1986 Greenland Expedition, led by Earl de Blonville Bloomfield FRGS.)

On ethics in exploring: "What we must learn from this is that anyone who knowingly allows patently false claims to adventure success to remain unchallenged will be judged to have conspired to keep lies secret...In this world we have to rely on trust for so many things. But to have our trust deliberately abused by the reckless braggadocio of self-styled public adventurers is particularly galling, and we are diminished as a result." Earl Bloomfield, Letter to Victoria Sea Kayak Club 2001

Anyone with information, context, stories or "enhanced consciousness" of Earl please contact me, Kent Madin, at I am particularly interested in speaking to those who have worked or studied with Earl and can provide corroboration for the history of, and Ursus International and details of the "mutiny" on the First Australian Arctic Expedition. I am interested in distinguishing fact from fiction. is a business of Earl's in which already successful captains of industry pay thousands of dollars a day for the privilege of sailing a quaint sailboat (see video clip below) along the coast of France. The businessmen won't be "taught" leadership (since the unteachability of leadership is a central tenet of Earl's theories "The first thing I discovered is that leadership cannot be taught. If it is being taught, it may just be management, re-badged at a higher price."). Instead, the participants will apparently absorb leadership wisdom from being in Earl's presence, presumably through the French cuisine. Along for the sailing is Earl's partner, financial, business and otherwise, owner of the Tarnan, Professor Jennifer Gidley.

This video shows Earl and the "Tarnan" in action (rescue courtesy of the Danish Navy).

Arctic Climate Leadership Challenge ( was an Outward Bound style program proposed to take place in Greenland involving high school age students. Earl's CV indicates the ACLC operated from 2005-09. Staff from the program say that no students actually were enrolled or went anywhere, certainly not Greenland. "Our scientific program will be delivered under the supervision of Professor Matthew England, Co-Director of the Climate Change Research Centre, Climate & Environmental Dynamics Laboratory, University of New South Wales." ( website)

Yet, Dr. England, when asked what the program actually accomplished responded " Hi Kent, I wasn't really involved in this program in any significant way, so I don't know the answer to this question. Sorry. Matt"

I am also interested, within the limits of privacy rules at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), to learn more about the exceptional circumstances through which Earl became a doctoral student at RMIT and a recipient of a government funded cash stipend, in spite of having neither a high school diploma, undergraduate degree or an MA degree.

Earl's acceptance into the RMIT program may have something to do with his self-published book, 'Seventh Journey' which describes the 1986 Greenland Expedition. For perspective on that expedition, a far different view is expressed in a book by Michael Boland, the cameraman on the trip. "Through the Lens of My Eye" can be found here: along with Earl's one-star review.

UPDATE 9/10/2013: Earl no longer lists any association with RMIT as a doctoral student and RMIT administration refuses to discuss the case.

Earl's page:

Earl de Blonville Bloomfield FRGS briefly expanded his research interests to include "Cyberstalking". He was apparently inspired by the case of Ripley Davenport, a friend and fraudulent explorer/poser whose short, bizarre career was exposed in the article linked above.

"Cyberstalking: New Executive Threat
In a paper, articles for publication and a key speaking subject, Earl explores an emergent threat to executive careers. Earl’s planned paper and talk are provisionally titled: ‘Cyberstalked – How Predators Can Shred Your Professional Reputation’. As a recent victim of Cyberstalking himself, Earl has discovered first hand the almost limitless potential for damage to professional reputations faced by executives and entrepreneurs who share their personal data online."- Earl de Blonville Bloomfield FRGS

Earl de Blonville Bloomfield FRGS may be a victim of Cybermocking.

First it was movie stars, then athletes, entertainers and now Academics. We should be flattered by their attention, but in reality these people are not psychologically disturbed, narcissistic, psychopathic or anything close to murderous. Cyber-mockers are not, in fact, criminals but are hopelessly afflicted by the humor to be found in the self-important, self-serving pronouncements of self declared experts and serial embellishers. Cyber-mocking is a unique form of social commentary, participation in which is open to all ages, genders, races and levels of experience. It is, however, deeply frowned upon and deplored by those whose public behavior attracts the attention of the Cyber-mocker.
Fellow Academics, and all my personal contacts and friends, please be warned NOT to respond to any approaches for 'friendship' or requests for information made by anyone you have not fully researched and cleared. Psychologists warn that cyber-mockers are to be regarded as a cancer that cannot be stopped, rather like one of those infectious giggles that threaten to erupt when someone at the podium is saying Very, Very Important Things. It is advised that you ignore any approaches from anyone you are not familiar with seeking information on fellow academics, students and staff. Should you communicate with them, you could easily compromise yourself, your friends, family, colleagues, funding bodies, sponsors, your institution and yes, even the very fabric of the Universe, unleashing a torrent of Cyber-mocking for which you will be rightly blamed and probably mocked. They will go through your list of contacts like burglars ransacking your home - looking for anything of ironic or of humorous value, bits of truth and quotation they can twist to their perverse will and use to crack up others in order to mock you with their crazy-making giggling and general annoyingness.
Cyber-mockers are drawn to those who crave attention and lack any empathy: they don’t care how annoying they are or how many embarrassing questions and raised eyebrows they evoke from your colleagues. Deny them the oxygen of unintended irony, transparent embellishment and outright falsehoods and they will hunt elsewhere. Report any such activity to the authorities and police immediately, particularly if the authorities and police have a good sense of humor. Ask me if you are in any doubt, because I am not and never have been.

Earl de Blonville Bloomfield FRGS's annotated CV, which was formally part of his page in association with his uncompleted doctoral program at RMIT. Prior to the RMIT program, Earl also completed a Ph.D. through the internet based Rushmore University but was never granted a diploma for failure to pay his remaining tuition. RMIT administration is silent on the question of whether or not Earl disclosed his Rushmore Ph.D. program when applying to RMIT.

Earl de Blonville Bloomfield FRGS's LinkedIn page. Earl's remarkable endorsements for fellow LinkedIn users can be found here.

Earl de Blonville Bloomfield FRGS's Speaking Representation. Although his website says SpeakMark is his exclusive representative, he is still listed on the sites below. Only one agency responded to a request for the last date they had booked Earl to speak and when pressed for details, fell silent. SpeakMark's youtube page touting Earl's Postformal Leadership includes this remarkable quote "Boomer “Leadership” is merely the self-delusion of unfulfilled lives." Earl de Blonville is, himself, a Boomer. (listing removed as of Nov. 1, 2013)

Just for fun: They often called him Speedoo but his real name is Mr. Earl

US 9th Circuit upholds First Amendment Rights of Bloggers.

Privacy Statement: "Being that this is a public document available to anyone, literally, with a computing device, I have no particular expectation of privacy nor do I expect or desire to constrain others if they wished to reuse parts of this website. If you have modified, copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way, congratulations! The only constraint I would request is that you not quote out of context and if your intention is to belittle me or poke fun, please do it with wit and taste. Otherwise, I am happy to stand by what I have said here. I strive to remain factual and am happy to discuss any concerns with the veracity of what I publish here. Rest assured I'm happy to retract and apologize should I present something that is untrue. I am happy to let the reader draw their own inferences from the facts."

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