Once upon a time, (June of 2013 to be exact) Earl de Blonville (self-described as ‘Australia’s preeminent Arctic Explorer’ and a ‘global leadership expert’) wrote a glowing “endorsement” on LinkedIn about another self-described explorer, Englishman Ripley Davenport. The endorsement is Earl in a nutshell; Pure fantasy served in a grandiose “word salad” dressed with oozing self-importance. Earl has never met Ripley. Ripley made up his story about being an explorer just like Earl made up the endorsement.

Two journalists from Denmark and I were working on an article about Davenport which exposes him as a fraud. (English translation here). This story begins with my email asking Earl how he came to write the endorsement. His response was also Earl in a nutshell; wrap yourself more tightly in your own narcissim and attack, threaten, ignore.