Earl de Blonville is not a victim of cyberstalking.

Earl and several other faux explorers have made this allegation to THREE competent police departments (Bozeman, Victoria (Melbourne North) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation) who have heard every bit of "evidence" Earl could muster. All three police departments found the allegations to be without merit. Earl's reaction to being asked to substantiate his professional claims is analgous to a driver who, upon being asked to show his driver's license, screams "police brutality".

In fact, Earl's creation of kentmadincyberstalker.com is a textbook example of cyberstalking; an anonymous site, filled with defamatory, unsupported wild allegations, threatening police action, intended to embarass and punish. Simple public searches of URL purchase records show that Earl bought kentmadinstalker.com, kentmadinstalker.net, kentmadin.info, kentmadincyberstaker.com.

In other words, while proclaiming himself a victim of cyberstalking, Earl was actively, intentionally, cynically creating a website that is the definition of cyberstalking. Apparently he thought he could remain anonymous while practicing the big lie of accusing someone of that which you yourself are guilty.

Cyberstalking is a serious problem rife with elements like obsession, sex, revenge, cruelty, threat of physical harm or lasting emotional suffering. For the victim, it can be like a personal horror story, scared and helpless to do anything to discover and stop a relentless torturer. It's a serious and often misunderstood problem. Using this serious issue as an epithet, as Earl continues to do, in an effort to discredit legitimate inquiry and to cynically distract attention from scrutiny of his failed and fraudulent professional schemes does grave disservice to those who are genuine victims. Sadly, the big lie cyberstalker tactic wasn't even an original idea of Earl's. He borrowed it from discredited "explorer" Ripley Davenport who himself borrowed the "cyberstalker smear" tactic from a guy named Nigel Gifford who was trying to stop the release of a humliating video about his failed expedition. But you'll have to read the book.

Earl remains willfully ignorant of the basic definition of cyberstalking when accusing me of same, to wit: I am not anonymous, I have never threatened anyone, I have not posted sexual or suggestive material, when Earl asked to end our email communications, I complied. I have been transparent and consistent about the purpose of my research (journalism) from my first email to Earl. I have politely contacted various people and organizations, with transparency about my purpose, that I believed would have information about Earl's professional claims. This is what journalists do. They seek sources and communicate with them. All the information I have gathered is either from Earl's own mouth, publications, website, interviews, news articles, emails or from consenting interviews with other sources. If Earl disputes the information and representation of his activities found in this website, he has many avenues through which to respond.

It was Earl's decision to stonewall all questions about irregularities in his professional claims and particularly in his CV, which is rife with falsehoods, exaggerations and misleading, disingenous claims.

If Earl feels threatened and suffering emotionally he has only himself to blame for consistently promoting himself in business and academia with credentials that simply don't stand up to scrutiny. If you chose to build your career on smoke and bluster don't blame others when the smoke clears.

Recently, Earl has gotten himself (and his girlfriend, Jennifer Gidley) appointed as Adjunct Professors at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia. Earl has zero academic credentials, not even a high school diploma. Jennifer's field is not related to the School of Environment, Science and Engineering, where both are assigned. To put these adjunct appointments in perspective, of 60 Adjunct Professors listed at SCU's website, every single one has significant academic credentials, B.A., MS, Ph.d or other post high school certification. Earl is the outlier. Two extraordinary, unusual appointments like Earl's and Jennifer's would seem to be something to be proud of, yet Earl has vigorously enforced his "privacy rights" to block SCU from releasing even the most basic information about what role and responsibilities Earl will have relative to SCU operations. SCU administration LITERALLY refused to discuss Earl's role and will not release any information about Earl's role without filing a GIPA (Freedom of Information) request, a process that takes months!

The Adjunct appointment is another chapter in Earl's lengthy history of trying to gain a patina of academic credibility. Earl is currently spruiking this scheme, Oceanic Research Institute, a webpage with no content and a "non-profit" organization which is not registered as such. "ORI" appears to be an effort to find gainful employment for the "white elephant" sailboat that Earl convinced his girlfriend Jennifer to buy in 2011. Slightly more detail on ORI can be found here:

If you are an Australian taxpayer, those are your dollars at work through Southern Cross University.