Why would Earl(e) de Blonville put the original "e" he was born with back on his first name two decades after he deleted it?

This may be the answer.

Earl's original website, started in 2010, is earldeblonville.com (let's call it -e). In 2013 Earl purchased earledeblonville.com (+e). In 2018 Earl switched his "official" content to the "+e" site. But here's the rub, if you google the original URL (-e) you are automatically redirected to the new (+e) website. If you then go to the wayback machine (archive.org) and enter the "+e" URL, it seems Earl's website only begins in 2017. If, after searching on the "+e" site within wayback machine, you then search for the "-e" site, you are automatically redirected to the +e" site. In other words if you were someone searching Earl for the first time, you would conclude that his web history (and archive of his many professional claims) starts in 2018.

Only if your FIRST search on the archive.org page is for earldeblonville.com "-e" do you find the full archive of Earl's website. And the thing is, there is NOTHING in the original website archive that speaks to Earl's current scheme, Oceanic Research Institute. No mention of marine science research, oceanic research, etc. Instead the page touts Earl as a famous author, speaker, leadership guru, C-Suite Business Coach, etc. etc. The archived pages include evidence of false and overblown claims.

Here's the Wayback Archive for "-e":

And the wayback archive for "+e":