Earle de Blonville, AKA Earl de Blonville, AKA Earle Bloomfield has reinvented himself, this time as a climate warrior.

I am researching for a story about modern day, self-described "explorers" who use the fact-checker-free nature of the internet to leverage their brand.

Do you have personal experience with Earl de Blonville?

(born Earle Robert Bloomfield, changed name to Earl de Blonville in the 90's, changed name BACK to Earle (original "e") in 2017

The mysterious extra "e" Click here

If you have experience with Mr. de Blonville in a professional capacity or relative to

his various professional endeavors, I'd like to talk with you.

Kent Madin, Bozeman, Montana rett139@yahoo.com +1-406-595-2310

Click here for background on Mr. de Blonville's latest scheme. Oceanic Research Institute ( @ResearchOceanic )

Click here to access a compilation of ongoing research on Mr. de Blonville's career including the CV that de Blonville submitted to RMIT for admissions to their School of Graduate Research in 2011.

On July 4, 2019, Earl de Blonville wrote (what can only be described as a blackmail letter) to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Click here to read for yourself.

Earl de Blonville claims he is a victim of cyberstalking. Click to learn why.

There are significant discrepancies in his claims of professional achievement.

This is my first exchange with Earl de Blonville, June 2013.

Earl de Blonville has threatened a lawsuit for defamation. Read about it here.