Fact Checking Earl de Blonville: Colorful Character and Legend In His Own Mind

This is an Internet cyber-highway billboard. It’s meant to catch the eye of anyone with direct knowledge of Earl de Blonville’s career.

It is part of a journalism research project about self-declared “explorers” who promote themselves through the implied veracity of the internet.

Created in 2013, the site continues to attract varied sources on Earl de Blonville’s professional history  from his youth to current day.

It has also morphed, of necessity, into a repository of information relevant to addressing Earl de Blonville’s tired claim to being a victim of cyberstalking by yours truly. From the beginning of the project I have operated under my own name, never threatened Earl or anyone else and I have been entirely transparent about my purpose and willingness to engage.  I have a track record of successfully collaborating with journalists for Denmark’s Politken newspaper. That collaboration resulted in an expose of Ripley Davenport, one of the “faux” explorers. Earl’s response throughout has been name-calling, baseless speculation about my character, mental health, sexual preferences, and complete refusal to answer basic questions about his clay-footed professional claims. If you are one of the people who Earl has exhorted to ignore me as a mentally ill troll, troubled “Aspy” and “closet queer” I encourage you to a: read the material and b: think for yourself. 

If you have questions of me or wish to share information about Earl de Blonville or the Oceanic Research Institute, leave a comment or contact me, Kent Madin at:  kmadin@stalkingwalts.com    +1-406-595-2310